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Today the world has to face serious challenges that put to the test the sustainability of modern civilization and prejudice the future of the mankind. Global economic crisis and chronic lack of finances, implications of climate change, growing deficit of food and pandemisation of system diseases favour among other things the worldwide prevalence of the technological approach to social development.

Use of the latest biotechnologies in pharmacology, medicine, food industry and husbandry is supplemented by mass application of biochemically invasive preparations, antibiotics and broad introduction of genetic modification technologies.

However effective this strategy may be at the moment, the “delayed” impact of genetically modified organisms on the environment and human beings is unpredictable. Some negative side effects are evident already now and their number is likely to grow. In this circumstances the need of alternative approach to the use of modern biotechnologies is getting vital.

Our approach

Our main idea was to search for mechanisms acting in the evolutionary formed and developed systems of bio-organisms as well as through the entire period of ontogeny in order to use them as a basis for creating harmless and highly efficient pharmacological preparations.

Having studied evolutionary processes of origin, existence and development of bio-organisms from archaea to human being, scientists of WWMA AG elaborated a new biotechnological approach devoid of the existing shortcomings.

Our Advances

In 30 years of our activities we have developed methods and preparations for treating and maintaining adequate level of human health. We have also worked out technologies for increasing productivity, ensuring weight gain and healthy litter of farm animals, birds and fish.

Improvement of performance and absence of adverse effects on flora and fauna as well as on humans are ensured by technologies that concern self-regulating system of bio-organisms. This system includes all functions both of the cell and the organism as a whole.

The costs of production, introduction and wide application of the created preparations in everyday practice have been significantly reduced.

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